Our History

From The Patient’s Perspective...
In 2005, Dr. Brian Mulhall started Active Spine & Sport Therapy and from its inception, the practice was structured drastically different than the standard clinic.

Dr. Brian Mulhall designed and modeled Active Spine & Sport Therapy from the patient’s perspective. He created a clinic that treats common musculoskeletal aches and pains ranging from disc conditions to sports injuries of all kinds with the goal of resolving each patient’s condition as rapidly as possible, while continuing to allow the patients to be active throughout care. The key to long term results is to teach the patients how to treat themselves to speed recovery and develop empowerment over their conditions.

It was a big leap of faith starting the practice with the goal of resolving and releasing a patient in as few visits as possible. From a business standpoint, it isn’t really a great model at first glance.

Yet Dr. Mulhall was convinced that his aim would make an impression on every patient and they would be so pleased with the care they received and how rapid their results were, they would tell their friends, family and co-workers and would come back for any additional conditions if future problems arose.

Thankfully that is exactly what happened. Active Spine & Sport Therapy has grown at an exponential rate purely from word of mouth and direct patient/doctor referrals.

We are blessed to be where we are and to serve our community. As we expand, we intend Active Spine & Sport Therapy to continue to foster the movement in the musculoskeletal care industry toward a more patient-centered, results-based care model.

We invite you to be a part of our extended family and experience the innovative care and stellar customer service we provide.
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