Knee pain & injury

Active Spine & Sport Therapy successfully treats knee pain and injury keeping you active without the use of drugs or surgery.

Active Spine & Sport Therapy successfully treats knee pain and injury keeping you active without the use of drugs or surgery.

About knee pain:   Millions of people suffer with pain in the knees. Knee pain can impede the simplest act such as walking, bending, or just rising from a chair. Golfing, hiking, or even gardening may be out of the question.

Your knees rank among your largest joints. They support your body’s weight and they must work in close coordination with the hips to provide the mobility most people take for granted until injury, arthritis, or other problems interfere. One in 5 Americans age 60 and older has experienced significant knee pain on most days over the last six weeks. Each year, Americans make about 15 million visits to doctors for knee pain.

Physically, your knees and hips are closely interdependent, located as they are at either end of the thighbone. This proximity means the angle of your hip affects the pressure on your knee and vice versa. A hip disorder may cause knee pain, and knee disorders can aggravate hip problems.

“As a very active adult I hated how my activities were limited because of swelling and pain in my knees. After seeing Dr. Mulhall I have more flexibility, less pain, less swelling and more confidence in my health and ability to be active.”
— RT

People live longer than they used to, so joints need to stay strong and healthy through those additional years. Knees are subject to repetitive trauma — wear and tear — as you age, and you can traumatize them further if you increase your physical activity suddenly. Depending on the cause of your pain, the solution can be a set of exercises designed to strengthen and stretch the muscles that support the joint, taking some of the stress off the joint itself. Call and schedule an evaluation with one of our doctors to learn what we can do to help.

Knee Protocols - There are many conditions, including post operative pain, that can be causing your symptoms. Our care will be tailored to your specific problem and will include the following:

  • Rapid pain relief
  • Rapid control of swelling (rest, ice, compression, elevation)
  • Restoration of proper function to normalize weight bearing through the joints
  • Patient education with proactive patient involvement
  • Development of home treatment program
  • Joint and soft tissue mobilization to restore motion
  • Stability and strength training
  • Mobility exercises (range of motion)
  • Hands on therapy