Thank you to all of our amazing clients! 

You continue to challenge us in new and exciting ways and we look forward to every opportunity to keep you moving and performing at your best. Your kind words motivate and inspire us to continue to expand our knowledge base and build this uniquely blended soft tissue-based therapy model for pain relief and injury resolution. Hearing your stories of relief and recovery are proof that we are on the right track!

~ The Active Spine & Sport Therapy Team

Dr. Mulhall always questions "why"...

Their treatment programs are results oriented. Dr. Mulhall always questions “why” something occurs beyond treating the immediate symptoms. I have severe sciatic nerve issues which aggravate muscle adhesions in both legs. He combines various techniques in his treatment and educates me to help myself. I leave with the results of decreased pain and increased mobility and feel empowered to continue the healing at home.
— E G

The Doctor listened to me and explained the treatment...

What I liked the most was when the doctor brought me back (amazing that the doctor himself brings the patients back.) He listened to what my problems were, asked a few questions and then tried a few things out to see where the pain might be coming from. All the while, asking me questions and actually giving me time to think about how things felt. He explained the how’s and why’s of the treatment while he was doing it.
— A C

They equip patients with ways to help themselves...

They try to get you back to your regular activities, relieve the pain, and improve mobility, without drugs or surgery. I appreciate that they want to send home stretches and activities to equip the patient with a way to help themselves.
— P A

Dr. Hapka is someone you can trust to teach and heal...

Dr. Hapka is fantastic. After I was in a car accident I had numerous people recommend Active Spine & Sport as the best in town and I was extremely hesitant to believe it. However, I could not have been more wrong. Dr. Hapka has been great. He is very skilled and knowledgeable and it is so true that his goal is to get you healed and out of there as soon as possible unlike other chiropractors who want to get as many visits out of you as possible. He is great at explaining what is going on, answering all of your questions, and giving at-home exercises to work on improving from your injury. I cannot possibly recommend him enough. He is definitely someone who you can trust to help you heal.
— T F

The best I've felt in a long time...

I’d been ignoring some back and hip pain for about 5 years before finally deciding to do something about it (just getting old right?) First session with Dr. Hapka was unbelievable. After some mobility testing, he showed me which muscles were not communicating with each other and worked them back into shape. Couple more sessions to improve my range of motion and that’s it. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time. I highly recommend this place!
— R F

Dr. Hill did an excellent job of diagnosing my core issue(s)...

The staff was friendly. My session started on time. I was able to complete the majority of required new patient information on-line prior to my visit. Dr. Hill did an excellent job of diagnosing my core issue(s) and applying a variety of approaches to start me on the path to recovery.
— O P

Dr. hapka made it a pleasant experience...

I liked that, as a new customer, Dr. Hapka listened to me, educated me and explained each thing he did. I was quite nervous before my appointment, but Dr. Hapka made it a pleasant experience. I left with my confidence back intact!
— K G

New and Innovative Services...

Dr. Mulhall and his staff are incredible! Dr. Mulhall takes great pride in making sure his patients have improved quality of life through his myriad of services. The staff are always so friendly and warm. And, the addition of Karen Medart LMT as a sports massage therapist has been a blessing! I can’t wait to try their new Assisted Yoga Sessions with Angela Smayda soon! Dr. Mulhall and his team are constantly looking for ways to improve patient outcomes through new and innovative services!
— S S

Grateful for Dr. Mulhall's commitment to healing...

Dr. Mulhall has been my go-to source for various work related (over use) injuries for over ten years. Pinched nerves, brachial plexus issues, rotator cuff injury , scar tissue release (Active Release Technique), and others! He has taught me how to exercise/stretch to regain my mobility, and I am more than grateful for his approach and commitment to healing! Thanks, Brian!
— J B

Dr. Hill is someone I can trust...

So glad to have someone I can trust and to get results. After Tri Fort Worth, I saw Dr. Hill. He is really good and I was back to feeling pain free and working out fast!
— DJ